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About Me

"Our stories are what make us unique!"


I'm Enisa, 22 years old girl from Serbia, certificate and freelance
makeup artist.

I create my blog because I want to share with you my passion for
beauty and jewelry.

I don't need to tell you how much I love makeup.
If you know anything about me, you know it's huge part of my life.

With makeup I express my creativity.
I love to play with colors and I have obsession for eyeshadows.

My favorite social network platform is Instagram.
And I'm very active there.
I'm @en_angie if you want to check me!

And here are some of my success!

- In 2015 I was in TOP 10 best makeup looks create by theme  Party

Look for Sleek MakeUp competition.

- In 2016 was one of 25 lucky winners in Official L'Oreal competition
"Sumer Glam"!
Competition was open worldwide.
And my look for Summer Glam competition was one of the best!

- Later in 2016 I was announced as one of 10 Ambasadors for Melt Down Cosmetics.
I'm Ambasador for this company for 2017/2018

- In January 2017 I win third place in competition on Facebook page
Kozmetika i Parfemi.
www.kozmetikaiparfemi.rs is Serbian website
which sells cosmetic products.
Theme was "The matte look"!

- In March 2017 my Live The London look was announced one of four the best in Rimmel Serbia competition.

Thank you so much for reading!
Love you all!



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