TTD Eye Contact Lenses #4


Hey everyone and welcome back.
For today blog post I want to share with you what I received from TTD eye.
I got this package a while ago but somehow I haven't write blog post since today.
So, let's start!

received couple different style of colored lenses.
TTD eye lenses look so natural on the eyes and they are really comfortable.
Styles I got are: Starshine Doll Brown, Vintage Blue, Love Me Orange and Silver Angel Wing.

Starshine Doll Brown check HERE

Vintage Blue check HERE

Love Me Orange check HERE

Silver Angel Wing check HERE

Don't forget go use my code while you shopping on TTD eye wesbite it's enangie.

Instagram - @En_Angie
Twitter - @En_Angie
Until the next reading!
Love you all!
DISCLAIMER: PR products.

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