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The best of makeup in 2021

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Hey everyone and welcome back on my blog. Today I'll share my favorite products in 2021. Some products are my old favorites and some of them I discover last  year. This post will be super long,  so grab a snack before we start! Keep in mind favorites can be personal and this are my most used products in 2021.

The first product I want to mention I actually tried during December and I was so indecisive should I put this product in a favorite post. I'm very picking with foundations, but this products stole my sympathies. That product is Jouer Essential high coverage foundation .First off, I don't have a full size of this foundation. I got a set of samples while I was shopping on Jouer website. I was absolutely surprised and in love how full coverage this foundation is and how beautiful looks on my skin during the day. I'm a full courageous girl and I love the good full coverage foundation! With this product you need a small an amount and literally last all day long. I'm gona definitely buy a full size of Jouer foundation.

Next product is launched during 2021 and it's Labelle UK HD concealer. I already write blog post about this product and share my thoughts how much I like concealer. I'm using this product from the moment I got it. I love texture, I like the coverage and shade range is pretty good! My go-to shade is 02, this shade has more yellow undertone and looks amazing on my skin.


2021 was year for cream products. I discover so many amazing cream blushes and cream bronzers. My absolute favorite cream bronzer is Sol body bronzing balm. I bought this product at the Colourpop website. Sol body bronzing balm is my go-to, I'm using this bronzer every day. It's so soft on the skin and blends so early. I have shade Medum but I will buy other shades as well. For cream blushes my favorites are Pixi Beauty On the glow blushes.  They are super pigmented and looks amazing on the skin. My favorite shades are: Juicy and Ruby. Juicy is bright orange and Ruby is cherry red. Also, I really liked ColourPop Stix blushes as well.


Next up, now I'll share my favorite powder products. So, I will start with Makeup Geek powder bronzer in the shade Sunkissed. If you follow my work, then you know how much I like this product. I constantly rave about this bronzer. Last year I completely used one  bronzer and hit pan on second. So, if that is not showing you how much I love that bronzer. I don't know what will. Shade Sunkssied is perfect for everyone with lighter skin tone, this bronzer, it's orange, looks great on the skin and last all day long. Last year I also started using The Balm Bahama mama and Bronzila bronzer. I like the formula, they are so so pigmented. They are a little bit deeper in color than previous mentioned MUG bronzer. So, if you have some tan they will be great for you.


When it comes to powder blushes, I have many favorites. Last year I tried Milani Baked blush in the shade Rose d'oro. Milani blushes are well known for amazing quality, but somehow I haven't gotten the opportunity to try them. I completely fell in love with formula of this blush. It's soft and pigmented and it has small shimmers. On the cheeks, it's very flattering and beautiful. I also have to mention The Balm First date powder blush. This is my everyday blush, it's matte and have beautiful peachy pink shade.
Highlighters are my favorite part of makeup. Most used highlighter in 2021 is definitely Grace Star Powder from Gerard Cosmetics. I have this highlighted inside of my Starlet palette, but I definitely have to get only this highlighter since I'm using this product almost every day. Shade is beautiful light champagne. On the skin looks very, very nice. In 2021 Sigma Beauty launched amazing highlighting palette called Glowkissed. If you love blinding highlights this palette will be your best friend. Highlighters are so pigmented and look wet on the skin. Definitely, one of my favorite product in 2021. Also, at the end, I want to mention The Balm OG Mary Lou Minzer and Juvia's Place The Heroine loose highlighter. I have been using this highlighters a lot this year.


When it comes to setting sprays, Gerard Slay All Day takes the first place. I love there spitting sprays so much. I almost tired every scent, but my favorite is Coconut.

And now we came to the fun part! It's time to share my favorite eyeshadow palettes. This year I tried a lot of eyeshadow palettes, when I say a lot, I definitely mean it. Colour pop wins my sympathies with their palettes so now I'll mention a few that really stood out to me. Into hue eyeshadow palette is part of their Mega collection and it's gorgeous color palette. I like the color range, pigmentation is great.  I like the color range, pigmentation is great... The Colour Pop Rudolph palette is one of my favorites are well. The color range is so beautiful, definitely my comfort zone. This palette has neutrals, warm berry tones and some greens as well. Also, the quality of this palette is better in my opinion. In 2021 Colour pop launched many 9 pan palettes, but my favorites are Of courts and Orchid you not. This palettes are pigmented and it's very wearable. Last Colour pop palettes are Capricorn palette and Roaring hearts palette.

I have to admit, I was living under the rock since I haven't tried Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows. I honestly don't know how I haven't ordered these eyeshadows sooner. They are incredible.  This eyeshadow is super creamy and looks amazing in the eyes. My favorite shade is Koosh.
Then we have The Balm Male Order palettes. I have a special place in my heart for this palette because I done promo looks for champagne. This palette is really nice, very wearable and useful. I the like color story of this palettes. Male Order Domestic palette has more pinky shades while Male Order First Class is more neutral.

I need to mention my Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Makeup Geek definitely has one of my favorite eyeshadow formula. MUG eyeshadows are so good! MUG eyeshadows are singles and you have possibility to create my own palette.
Marlena does an amazing job with creating Makeup Geek products, so now I'll write you about Full Spectrum Eyeliners. Honestly, I'm wearing this eyeliners non stop. I mainly use them in my water li, but you can easily create full winged eyeliner with them. These eyeliners are so soft to the touch, but they leave full pigmentation on only one swipe. Also, last year I discover MUG pigments. I can't describe how beautiful this pigments are! I bought almost every shade.

When it comes to eyeliners my favorites are The Balm Schwing and Morphe Make it Big eyeliner. They are super rich in color.
At the end, it's time for lip products. In 2021 I was mostly wearing lip glosses or lip oils. My favorites are: Lime Crime Wet Cherry glosses, Jouer lip gloss in shade Diamond Walk, Sigma Beauty Lip oils, Ofra gloss in shade Rodeo Drive. When it comes to matte liquid lipstick I was mainly wearing my Gerard Cosmeticss Hydra matte lipsticks.

Let me know your favorite product in the comments.
Until the next reading!
Love you all!

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