TTD Eye contact lenses #5


Hey everyone and welcome back.
Suggesting by the title you can guess that today I'm doing another TTD eye blog review.
Few days ago I got new package with some new shades.
First off, new look of the brand is absolutely gorgeous. I like new packaging it's super cute.
But, let's show new style of lenses.

In my package I got four new styles and they are:
Confetti Blue,
Confetti Brown,
Spanish Grey and
Spanish Brown.

Confetti Blue are beautiful green- blue lenses. My natural eye color is green so in my case green prevailed. Personally, I don't mind it because I love how they look with natural eye color. I will describe this lenses as dark forest green. Check them HERE.

Next lenses are Confetti Brown and I'm obsessed with this lenses. They give me Twilight Edward Cullen vibes. I like them because they have this yellow details and they look so cool. Check it HERE.

Spanish Grey are soft grey lenses and in my case they give cool tone effect to my look and they look so natural. Check it HERE.

Spanish Brown also don't have a lot of coverage and they give warm tone vibes to my look. Check it HERE.

Don't forget go use my code while you shopping on TTD eye wesbite it's enangie.

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Until the next reading!
Love you all!
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