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Hey everyone and welcome. Today I decided to write one quick review about Curlsie eyelashes. I have been wearing this lashes a lot lately. Lashes are really important to me, they complete every look and make them more dramatic.

 Curlsie is new brand in the market, actually they are launched not that long ago and brand is based in China. Curlsie website is so beautiful and very simple to use. They have so many lash styles which will fit every eye shape. I have three pair of Curlsie lashes and they are: Artemis, Branwen  and Ingwine. This lashes are really pretty on the eyes and so comfortable to wear. In the next few seconds you will how I combine Curlsie lashes in my looks and there will be direct links were you can shop them. Enjoy!

Artemis lashes are linked HERE

Artemis lashes are linked HERE

Branwen lashes are linked HERE

Ingwine lashes are linked  HERE

So, that was all for today! I hope you like this type of posts? Don't forget to check them and follow them on Instagram @curlsieofficial Until the next reading! Love you all! En xxx DISCLAMER: PR products!

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