New launches / haul part 3


Hey everyone and welcome back. This week I have been really active on Blog and I'm have publish many posts. I very happy with feedback I get so I decided to post more here like I was use to. Today I will show what I received last week. I'm expecting a lot of packages so this series will be continue. Recently, I received package from JoeBol Exquisite Cosmetics UK. Package was super lovely and I'm really  grateful for received this products.

First product that I received is Joebol Exqusite Eyeshadow palette, mine is in verson Ruby. This palette retails for 9.99 pounds. Next are lashes and this lashes looks so gorgeous. I like this style, it's really unique and I can't wait to wear them. You will see them in some of my upcoming makeup looks. Third product is Joebol Exquisite Obsession lipstick. Can we appreciate this cute packaging. I like this shade, is like wine which makes it perfect for autumn. Retails for 15.00 pounds. Last product in this post is Joebol Exquisite Highlighter. This shade is really pretty. This product retails for 9.99 pounds.

For more infos check Joebeoexqusite website.
Until the next reading!
Love you all!

DISLAMER: PR products.

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